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The Best Orthodox Tea Factory 2016 Awarded by: The National Tea and Coffee Development Board, GON

Often you wander so much in talking, you do not even notice that when a little cup filled with liquid comes to an end and takes you to the world of it’s enchantment. Yes, we are talking about Tea; the silent friend in all get together and the nursing stress reliever in a busy schedule. This sweet and healthy addiction is now an inseparable part of the lives of people from more than half of the world. Be it in a earthen ‘Bhar’ of a roadside stall, a transparent goblet of glass on the table of a multicuisine resturant or a beautiful ceramic cup in your kitchen; only those people know the cherishable lavishness of this drink who have always said everywhere“...Bhaiya ek cup chai milegi...”.

We, the family of Siddhi Binayak Tea Industries are now flourishing like a blooming bud of a green tea leaves itself. Since the first step of our growing path, making or producing tea is not only our business or occupation; this was, is and will remain to be our earning of livelihood,our ambition and passion. We believe to achieve the perfection in the skill and the art of nourishing and nurturing this warm love of 70% percent of human population among the world served in an aromatic cup with all it’s delicacy. We will keep learning and expertise ourseleves to transfrom this purest essence from nature and bring it to your cup.More Details

Our Tea

Ornamental Tea

White Tea      Golden Tea      Pearl Tea

Sibi Tea(Orthodox Tea)

Leaf Tea      Broken Tea      Fanning Tea      Dust Tea

Sibi Tea(Green Tea)

Leaf Tea      Broken Tea      Fanning tea      Dust Tea

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